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【巨大版の製作】Streching a mesh in a large wood frame

最終更新: 2019年6月16日

Handmade large silk screen.

Produced a frame using 2 x 4 wood.

Apply silk screen mesh.




・2×4材 長さ 3650mm(848円) ×2本

・四隅ジョイントアタッチメント金具 (571円) ×4個



If it is a wooden frame, you can make it yourself!

This time, I was working on a piece of work, but when I made an aluminum frame for making a plate, I estimated that the amount was about 60,000 yen.

Certainly if it is made in one size with such a size, I think that is quite reasonable, but if the cost side becomes a hurdle in production a little, the amount of heat after that will be affected Because there is no way, I think about making a work and making oneself about making a plate.

・ 2 × 4 material Length 3650 mm (848 yen) × 2 pcs

・ Four corner joint attachment bracket (571 yen) × 4 pieces

As a result, the total cost was 3980 yen.

However, since it takes about half a day to cut and build a wooden crate, about half a day to fill up the grain, and about one day to coat and dry emulsion, we have to spend two full days.



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